Saturday, February 14, 2009

3D Super-G Stunt for Android

Super-G Stunt is a flight action game that takes you on a breathtaking aerobatic race through fun-filled fantasy environments!
Players can choose from a variety of sports biplanes and environments. During each flight the player will maneuver the sports plane through many floating sky gates in an attempt to achieve both the shortest time and the best performance. Each fantasy game level and sky gate layout is elaborate in design to challenge the player?s concentration, accuracy and response.
Get into the cockpit and show off your unbeatable stunts!

- The first mobile flight action game featuring exciting aerobatic stunts
- Eight brilliant 3D game levels with challenging flight courses
- Cool sports biplanes with ten colorful paint jobs
- Lifelike flight experience generated by sophisticated physics simulation
- Multiple camera views and video replay makes the game more enjoyable
- Addictive game play brings a lot of fun

Price: $14.95

via Gamedroid - Video reviews for Android games - 3D Super-G Stunt for Android

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